Our commitment to protecting your privacy

Protecting the privacy of your information is important to us and to the companies whose products and services we offer.

As your advisor, we’ll create and maintain a client file for you.  This file contains personal information related to you, which we’ll gather in order to assess your financial situation, offer you products and provide you with ongoing service.  We’ll also keep records of our meetings and phone calls and instructions that you give us in regards to the products and services that you’ve purchased.

If and when you purchase any product or service, you’ll complete specific application forms for each.  The application forms will request personal information from you that the company offering the product or service requires in order to underwrite or issue the product.  You’ll be signing such forms to consent to the use of your information by the company for the purposes indicated on the form.  From time to time, you may be required to complete additional forms to confirm your requests for changes in your products or services, or to initiate a claim or benefit.  We may keep copies of these forms in your file and the company handling your request may also retain this information.

Your file is kept in our primary place of business.  Access to information in your file is limited to J.R. Saint & Associates Insurance Agencies Ltd. or persons we have authorized to act on our behalf when the information is required for the performance of the person’s duties, to the companies we represent in providing, or seeking to provide, products or services to you, to persons you have granted access, and to persons allowed by law.

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